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Mac Jee unveils Dagger guidance kit for 500 lb bomb

The Dagger precision guidance kit has been designed to convert a freefall 500 lb bomb into a longer-range smart air-launched weapon system. (Mac Jee)

Mac Jee Defesa, part of Brazil's Mac Jee Group, is finalising the development of a wing-assisted guidance kit that converts an air-droppable, unguided 500 lb low-drag general-purpose bomb into a long-range, air-to-ground all-weather precision-guided weapon.

The Dagger kit comprises a guidance module consisting of the electro-optic/infrared payload with Medium-Wave Infrared camera, delivering a Circular Error Probable of less than 1 m, a sensor stabilisation system, an INS/GNSS unit for autonomous mid-course navigation, a guidance and navigation computer system, a computer vision system, and a crypto dual-band frequency-hopping datalink system. The Dagger system also features quick-fold-out mid-body wing-set kit with an energy storage and distribution system, while the rear module comprises an electronic fuze and interlock, dual-band telemetry and command system, and the control and actuation system.

The Dagger system detects, classifies a target, and provides scene analysis to locate and overcome GPS jamming or spoofing, navigation, and target location errors. It uses target co-ordinates, impact angle and azimuth, imagery, and topographical data for navigation, detection, and final approach phases to provide high-precision area bombing against fixed ground and maritime moving targets.

Measuring about 3 m in length, and with a wingspan of 3 m, Dagger has a maximum range of 120 km when released from high altitudes, and 70 km when released from low altitudes. The weapon offers a heading accuracy between 0.15° and 0.5º and operates in preset, target match, or remote-control modes.

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