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Indo Pacific 2022: EOS launches marine version of R400S Mk 2 remote weapon station

EOS has launched its R400-M RWS (pictured) at the Indo Pacific 2022 exhibition in Sydney. (Janes/Julian Kerr)

Australian company Electro Optic Systems (EOS) formally launched its R400 Marine (R400-M) remote weapon station (RWS), mounting a 30 mm cannon, at the Indo Pacific 2022 exhibition in Sydney on 11 May.

The R400-M RWS is in production for an undisclosed overseas customer, and offers the firepower and specialised ammunition natures possible for weapons up to and including a 30×113 mm calibre cannon but in the weight and form factor of competitors' machine gun systems, EOS said.

The R400-M differs from EOS's range of land R400S Mk 2 RWS only through the inclusion of high-quality sub-components and finishes that comply with all requirements, regulations, and test standards of the maritime environment, the company added.

Coinciding with the launch, the Australian Department of Defence (DoD) announced its intention to supply the R400-M RWS as government-furnished equipment for the Littoral Manoeuvre Vessel-Medium (LMV-M), up to 18 of which are to be acquired to replace the army's LCM-8 mechanised landing craft.

The Request for Tender (RfT) for the LMV-M under Project Land 8710 Phase 1 closes on 14 June. Requirements include provision for two RWS and two .50 calibre machine guns.

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