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I/ITSEC 2021: Green Ammo shows new version of E-blanks

The E-blanks simulation system shown at I/ITSEC 21: proof-of-concept M240, fully converted M4, spare magazines, drop-in bolt, sound booster, muzzle flasher, buttstock recoil booster, and Saab Gamer communications module. (Giles Ebbutt)

Norwegian company Green Ammo has developed a new version of its Electronic Blanks (E-blanks) system, which it showcased at the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference 2021 (I/ITSEC 21) in Orlando, Florida, on 29 November–3 December.

E-blanks simulates the firing of small-arms ammunition with recoil, sound, and muzzle flash but without using blank rounds. The system's advantages over conventional blank ammunition are that it is more environmentally friendly as there are no spent cartridge cases, it is logistically simpler and saves ammunition issue and resupply time in training, it is safer, and it can be used in situations where conventional blank ammunition is forbidden. That can be particularly useful for special forces that need to train in real locations.

The system, demonstrated at I/ITSEC on an M4 rifle, consists of a drop-in bolt simulator, an optional electro-mechanical recoil booster in a replacement butt stock, an e-magazine, and a muzzle flasher. The magazine, which has identical form and fit to a real one, contains a battery and sound device. When the weapon is ‘fired', the bolt activates the sound device in the magazine, which can be amplified by the separate sound booster and the muzzle flasher. If fitted, the recoil booster generates weapon recoil.

The number of rounds per magazine can be set and magazines are reloaded by pushing a button on the side to replicate inserting individual rounds, giving a realistic time period. Each magazine has an estimated lifespan of 250,000 rounds

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