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IDEX 2023: Sudan displays UAV-launched loitering munition

The Kamin-25 displayed on the Sudanese stand at IDEX. (Janes/Jeremy Binnie)

Sudan's Military Industry Corporation (MIC) unveiled Kamin-25, a loitering munition designed to be launched from an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), during the IDEX 2023 show being held in Abu Dhabi from 20 to 24 February.

Engineer Atif Mohamed al-Amin, MIC's manager in Abu Dhabi, told Janes the munition is being tested by the Sudanese Air Force on Z3-M UAVs, with final acceptance tests scheduled for May. He said two Kamin-25s can be carried by the Z3-M with their wings rotated 90° along their bodies until they are released.

The munition can carry either a 5 kg anti-tank warhead or a 7 kg anti-personnel warhead, Atif said, without clarifying which type accounts for the 25 kg total weight listed for the munition. Its batteries give it a flight duration of 45–60 minutes, depending on the altitude it is released, and it loiters at an altitude of 250 m. It can operate up to 50 km from the UAV, which relays the signal from the munition's day/night camera to the ground control station.

The operator can lock the Kamin-25 on to a target that will be automatically tracked until it is successfully engaged. It returns to a loitering pattern if it loses sight of the target. There is an automatic self-destruction mechanism where the Kamin-25 flies to a pre-designated area to detonate its warhead when it runs low on power.

MIC is also planning to develop a tube-launched version of the Kamin-25 with a pneumatic launch system.

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