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IDEF 2023: EDePro displays Hurricane 262 mm surface-to-surface rocket

EDePro unveiled its new Hurricane 262 mm surface-to-surface rocket at IDEF 2023. (Janes/Nicholas Fiorenza)

Serbian company Engine Development & Production (EDePro) displayed its new Hurricane 262 mm unguided surface-to-surface rocket at the 16th International Defence Industry Fair (IDEF) held from 25 to 28 July in Istanbul. With a range of up to 70.7 km, the rocket is intended for attacking motor rifle and infantry units in concentration areas, on the march, and in battlefield mode, as well as artillery and mortar batteries, air-defence units, and logistics facilities.

The total weight of the rocket is 410 kg, with its two types of solid composite propellant of different burn rates weighing 160 kg and its high-explosive fragmentation warhead with a point-detonating fuze weighing 150 kg.

EDePro claims the Hurricane has a circular error probable (CEP) of 1% at maximum range. A breaking (spoiler) wing reduces the rocket's range and gives it a high impact angle. Six folded fins provide the rocket with stability and produce moderate rotation around the longitudinal axis, increasing precision, according to EDePro.

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