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FEINDEF 2021: EXPAL prepares to deliver its first Dual EIMOS mortars

The Dual EIMOS 81 mm was exhibited for the first time at FEINDEF 2021. (EXPAL)

The Dual EXPAL Integrated Mortar System (EIMOS) 81 mm was exhibited for the first time at the International Defence and Security Fair (FEINDEF) held in Madrid on 3–5 November.

EXPAL hopes to deliver the first batch of Dual EIMOS 81 mm mounted on a 4×4 vehicle to the Spanish Marines early next year after completing the development stage in April.

The company's international affairs communications manager, Andrés Ibáñez Cevallos, told Janes that the research and development (R&D) programme had been developed in conjunction with the Spanish Ministry of Defence's department for planning, technology, and innovation.

Based on EXPAL's original EIMOS mortar, which dates from 2009, the system is named ‘Dual' because it can be fired from both dry land and a semi-submerged vehicle.

Ibáñez said, “Dual EIMOS stands out for having been designed for shoot and scoot, providing mobility, automatic 360° aiming and firing without the need for additional stabilisers, the ability to overcome steep slopes and – a unique feature – deep fording without preparation.”

Field trials were carried out in March, coinciding with the final phase of the R&D programme. These involved both the Spanish Marines and Legion, the latter part of the army's rapid reaction force.

“Joint exercises were conducted, demonstrating the ease of use of the system and its interoperability with other systems, units, command centres, and remotely piloted air systems,” Ibañez reported.

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