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Eurosatory 2022: Patria unveils C-UAS prototype

Patria unveils a new C-UAS system that uses an effector (pictured) to launch a string cloud. (Janes/Olivia Savage)

Patria has unveiled a new counter small unmanned aircraft system (C-sUAS) concept at Eurosatory 2022 defence exhibition in Paris.

Speaking to Janes on 14 June, Jukka Lemola, product manager for land at Patria said that the C-sUAS concept โ€“ influenced by a number of customers โ€“ is in the productisation phase. He was unable to elaborate on who the interested parties were at the time of publication.

The C-sUAS system is an effector that shoots out a โ€˜string cloud' of material to neutralise the unmanned aircraft system (UAS), up to 100 m away, without causing any collateral damage, Lemola said. The string cloud is made up of a special type of material that can cling to the UAS propellers or motors, resulting in the UAS immediately losing control and falling to the ground, Patria states.

The effector is capable of neutralising all types of Class 1 UAS and can incapacitate up to 10 UASs at any given time, Lemola said.

He said that the first iteration of the system, which will be available as a commercial product in 24 months, will be a handheld version that can be used by soldiers. The effector can also be integrated into armoured vehicles, naval vessels, and other fixed structures, Patria added.

The effector requires an external system to detect, track, and identify the target. There are no plans from Patria to develop such a system, Lemola said.

He was unable to detail what trials the company had conducted with the effector.

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