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Elbit Systems wins contract to supply CMS to Royal Swedish Navy

Spårö-class minehunter/sweeper HMS Spårö M12 (Per Körnefeldt)

On 13 January Elbit Systems announced that its subsidiary, Elbit Systems Sweden AB, has been awarded a contract by the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration to install its Albatross CMS system on the Royal Swedish Navy's (RSwN) Spårö-class mine countermeasures (MCM) vessels.

The contract is for an unspecified amount and will be performed over a 34-month period.

According to the company, the Albatross is a scalable open architecture CMS that is based on the company's E-CIX platform and “enables commanders and operators to receive a common operational picture correlating underwater detection and surface tracks, based on real-time data, live video streaming, and imagery data”.

E-CIX is modular framework based on commoditised existing building blocks following industry standards and an open architecture make-up.

The RSwN initially commissioned four Styrsö‐class MCM vessels in 1996 and 1997. However, only two of these remain in an MCM role and are now referred to as the Spårö-class. The platforms are equipped with mechanical, magnetic, and acoustic sweeps, which are deployed over the stern. The ships can also control two self‐propelled acoustic magnetic remotely operated vehicles – the Sea Eagle/Double Eagle – used for remote influence sweeps and remote mine hunting.

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