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DSEI 2023: ST Engineering eyes lightweight platforms for new mortar system

ST Engineering's 120 mm Ground Deployed Advanced Mortar System. (Janes/Andrew Galer)

ST Engineering is developing a new lightweight 120 mm mounted mortar system that is aimed at providing a quickly deployable capability that can be easily fitted to a range of light utility vehicles, such as a Toyota Land Cruiser.

The company displayed the Ground Deployed Advanced Mortar System (GDAMS) at DSEI 2023 in London. The system is still in development and due for qualification in the first quarter of 2024; depending on the orders received for GDAMS, production is scheduled for the end of 2024.

ST Engineering product director, Yong Jing, told Janes that the mortar has been designed for the export market and they are looking at Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and the UK as target customers.

GDAMS is intended for use with ST Engineering's range of precision mortar rounds, and according to the company it can be deployed within 25 seconds. The mortar has +/- 90º of traverse and can elevate from 45º to 80º, giving a range of up to 9 km. A blast diffuser device is designed to significantly reduce firing noise for the crew and it requires only two personnel for a firing rate of 16 rounds per minute for three minutes. The mortar can be stowed in 25 seconds.

The system weighs 700 kg and has been designed so that the energy generated when in use is directed through the baseplate to the ground, instead of onto the vehicle.

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