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DSEI 2021: SAAB Dynamics reveals new details about upcoming developments

Mock-ups of the AT4CS AST (top), AT4CS HE (middle), and AT4CS ER (bottom). (Amael Kotlarski)

A representative of Saab Dynamics briefed Janes on its upcoming developments for its shoulder-launched recoilless weapons, revealing details of the HE 448 round that is specifically designed to work in conjunction with the Carl Gustaf M4.

The projectile's warhead consists of a high-explosive (HE) fill and a liner containing 4,000 tungsten balls, each 2 mm in diameter, to defeat body armour. It has a modular fuze capable of both impact and airburst detonations. When programmed for airburst mode, the round is aimed to fly roughly 4 m over the target, with the downward-facing pattern of the tungsten balls capable of covering 400 m2.

Another new development for the M4 Carl Gustaf is the 558 device, known internally as the ‘Gearhouse', which enables the rapid calibration of the weapon's sight. Designed to be used with a wide variety of electro-optical devices, the 558 has a single button allowing the operator to select the desired ammunition nature and an adjustable dial to select the target's range after it has been lased with a rangefinder. Once this data is input, the 558 will automatically calibrate the correct point of aim.

Both the HE 448 and 558 ‘Gearhouse' are expected to be finalised by next spring.

The Saab representative told Janes that work is continuing on the Guided Multi-purpose Munition (GMM) following live-fire tests earlier this year. Finalisation of the development of the GMM is some years away and full production will only begin once a customer has placed a firm order. The GMM can be fired from both an M4 Carl Gustav and an AT4 launcher.

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