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DSA 2022: China's Poly Defence displays GAM-10X anti-tank guided missile system

Poly Defence's GAM-100 short-range ATGM has a maximum speed of 170 m/s. (Janes/Shivanand BM)

State-owned Chinese company Poly Defence displayed its indigenously developed GAM-10X anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs) at the Defence Services Asia (DSA) 2022 exhibition in Kuala Lumpur.

The GAM-10X series consists of the GAM-100 and GAM-102. The former is a short-range ATGM with an effective range of 200–2,500 m, while the latter is a medium-range system with an effective range of 300–4,000 m.

The systems use uncooled components and self-developed infrared (IR) core ships, which significantly decreases the warm-up period, according to Poly Defence.

The GAM-100 variant has a length of 1,200 mm and a weight of 13 kg. The missile has a maximum speed of 170 m/s.

The individual shoulder and soft-launch profiles permit firing from a fighting position or confined spaces. It features a tandem-shaped charge, which allows a penetration depth of 800 mm. The whole system is composed of a GAM-100 anti-tank missile, a launch tube assembly, and a command launch unit.The missile sports an IR seeker in its nose and is stabilised in flight by way of spring-loaded fins. Fins are located aft of the missiles at midway point and at the tail. Once launched from its holding tube, the missile's fin automatically folds out and the projectile is guided to its target by the IR imaging homing seeker.

The GAM-102 missile's modular design allows for integration and installation on a variety of vehicle platforms, from light all-terrain vehicles to tracked infantry fighting vehicles. According to Poly Defence, the missile adopts a high-explosive tandem-charged armour penetration warhead that is able to realise about 1,000 mm penetration depth.

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