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Brazil shortlists four competitors for its artillery effort

The Nexter CAESAR 6×6 self-propelled artillery is one of the four competitors that compete to meet the Brazilian Army's VBC OAP 155 mm SR project. (Victor Barreira)

The Brazilian Army has shortlisted four companies as part of its VBC OAP 155 mm SR (Viatura Blindada de Combate Obuseiro Autopropulsado 155mm Sobre Rodas) 155 mm/52 wheeled self-propelled armoured combat vehicle howitzer project.

Brazilian logistics command – responsible for the multiphase project together with the army artillery command – has shortlisted Nexter CAESAR 6×6, Elbit Systems ATMOS 6×6, Norinco SH15 6×6, and Excalibur International/Konštrukta-Defence Zuzana 2 proposals, according to an announcement on 4 March.

Negotiation rounds with the four competitors will take place separately in March and April 2024. A winner is scheduled to be announced by 3 May after a Best and Final Offer (BAFO) is submitted by each of the bidders between 15 and 19 April. The army is expected to award a contract to perform trials on the initial two weapon systems on 7 May, according to logistics command.

The VBC OAP 155 mm SR project, part of the Army Strategic Program Armoured Forces (Programa Estratégico do Exército Forças Blindadas: Prg EE F Bld) seeks to acquire a total of 36 artillery systems and related equipment, logistics support, and training services and equipment for three field artillery groups. An offsets package is expected to be included in the project.

The combined request for proposals (RFP) and request for tender (RFT) was issued by the Brazilian Army Commission in August 2023.

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