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Australia aims to acquire sea mine capability

Australia is considering the acquisition of a maritime mining capability that would initially be available from the mid-2020s, according to a Department of Defence (DoD) Request for Information (RFI) that closed on 25 October.

Project Sea 2000 (Maritime Mining) is designed to enhance the mine warfare capabilities of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and secure the country's maritime approaches using modern smart sea mines, the DoD said.

The RFI, which was released on 17 September, is meant to broadly understand the extent of the maritime mining market, the types of mines and methods of deployment from proven maritime mine manufacturers, and get a rough idea of costs and availability.

It also requests information on the potential for Australian sovereign manufacture, maintenance and sustainment, and supply surety.

Opportunities and constraints include economic order quantities, emerging technologies, and innovation.

Subject to government direction and approval, a sea mine capability is anticipated for the mid-2020s. An enduring capability is intended in the longer term.

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