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Arnold Defense discloses LGR-4 Fletcher development road map

A remote-controlled LGR-4 Fletcher launcher, integrated with an MSI-developed Vehicle Integration Kit mounted on a ground-based platform, preparing for a live-fire test at a recent system demonstration. (Arnold Defense)

Arnold Defense has launched a capability development road map for its LGR-4 Fletcher and LGR-23 Multiple Launch Hydra System (MLHS) 2.75 inch/70 mm surface-to-surface laser-guided weapon systems.

Purpose-built for land platforms, the LGR-4 Fletcher is a lightweight four-cell laser-guided rocket (LGR) launcher designed to deliver single or ripple fire effects against static and moving ground targets at ranges between 1 and 8 km, with a stated effective precision strike range of 6 km. Weighing 25.4 kg (unloaded), 1.9 m in length, and 20.3 cm in diameter, the LGR-4 can be mounted on tactical lightweight vehicles, remote weapon stations, non-standard tactical vehicles, and stationary platforms.

Unveiled in September 2019, the LGR-23 MLHS is a high-capacity surface-based LGR launcher: 1.90 cm in length, 65.02 cm in width, 24.6 cm in height. The MLHS offers the same organic surface-to-surface precision effects as Fletcher, however, with a significant additional delivery capacity of 23 rounds. Both systems are qualified with BAE Systems AGR-20A Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System II (APKWS II) and the Thales FZ90-variant unguided Folding Fin Aircraft Rocket systems. In February, the company announced a teaming agreement with MSI Defense Solutions, which leverages the latter's Vehicle Integration Kit as a rapid vehicle-mounting option for the LRG4 Fletcher launchers and APKWS LGR.

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