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UVision unveils new HERO developments

UVision has disclosed a series of new developments within its HERO family of precision loitering systems, including a new-generation variant of the Hero-120 and a multi-canister launcher for the Hero-400EC.

To be unveiled at the 2019 Paris Air Show, which takes place between 17–23 June in Le Bourget, the new-generation Hero-120 is an adaptation of the baseline Hero-120 man-pack portable canister-launched tactical anti-structure/anti-armour loitering munition. Designed for deployment from land, naval, and airborne platforms using re-usable rail or canister launchers, the baseline Hero-120 is a low acoustic/low thermal signature recoverable loitering munition that is able to attack targets at speed from multiple angles and directions.

Powered by an electric engine, the munition features high-speed (up to 100 kt) transit flight and low-speed loitering for loitering engagements of up to 60 minutes in duration and at ranges out to 80 km. Weighing 12 kg (missile only), Hero-120 is furnished with a two-way data link, GPS/INS navigation, nose-mounted, fully-gimballed electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) reconnaissance and terminal guidance package, and, as standard, a 4.5 kg high-explosive warhead. The munition is equipped with full mid-air abort and re-engagement capability, and has a stated circular error probable (CEP) of <1m.

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