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USMC removes Raytheon as MADIS Inc 1 ‘prime integrator'

A new US Marine Corps (USMC) air defence system, based around the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV), was approved to move into the engineering and manufacturing development phase in late June but the service also opted to remove Raytheon as the ‘prime integrator, Janes has learned.

Called the Marine Air Defense Integrated System Increment 1 (MADIS Inc 1), part of the effort involves integrating Kongsberg Defence's Protector XM914 remote weapon station (RWS) on to Oshkosh Defense's JLTV. In 2020, the service selected Raytheon as the ‘prime integrator' and awarded the company with a design and development contract “focused on maturing the system design through a critical design review, which was completed in April 2021”, Barb Hamby, a spokesperson for the USMC Program Executive Officer (PEO) Land Systems, wrote in a 20 August email to Janes .

Raytheon is still tasked with delivering “system engineering artifacts” by 31 August but after that date its work will end and it will not receive a follow-on contract, she added.

“While Raytheon did serve as the lead integrator through the completion of the MADIS Inc 1 design effort, the programme is now returning to a government-led effort,” Hamby wrote. “A combined government team is in place to integrate and deliver engineering and manufacturing development articles.”

For this upcoming phase, dubbed milestone B, the USMC's Program Manager for Ground Based Air Defense will provide oversight and perform the functions of a systems integrator, while also utilising US Navy expertise.

Hamby did not elaborate on why the service made this decision and a Raytheon spokesperson referred questions to the USMC.

A  JLTV outfitted with Kongsberg's XM914 remote weapon system. The USMC has decided it will not continue to use Raytheon as the prime integrator for its MADIS Inc 1 programme, an effort that includes integrating this RWS on to the vehicle. (Oshkosh Defense)

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