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USCG commandant touts budget request for operations and support

The proposed US Coast Guard (USCG) fiscal year (FY) 2022 budget request provides a needed boost for operations and support (O&S), Admiral Karl Schultz, USCG commandant, said on 28 June during an online Brookings Institute discussion on the service.

“The [FY 20]22 budget [request] that went to the hill actually has a little bigger shot in the arm for operations and support,” Adm Schultz said.

The overall USCG FY 2022 budget request is for USD13.1 billion, compared with the USD13 billion budget enacted for FY 2021.

The O&S budget request is for USD9 billion, compared with the USD8.5 billion enacted for FY 2021.

The FY 2022 budget request, the USCG notes in documentation accompanying the proposal's release on 28 May, reorganises the O&S appropriation to provide greater descriptive detail on the contents of each Program, Project, and Activity (PPA) to “more effectively reflect the coastguard's programmes and missions, and promote consistency across components within the Department of Homeland Security”.

The USCG O&S appropriation funds the annualization of prior-year funding, economic adjustments, and operating and maintenance funding for new and existing coastguard PPAs.

The O&S budget funds all 11 statutory USCG missions and the FY 2022 request includes increases for the annualization of FY 2021 initiatives and pay raises as well as the the operation, maintenance, and crewing of systems, vessels, aircraft, and shore facilities – including training, equipping, and ensuring the readiness of the Coast Guard Reserve workforce.

“The O&S budget also prioritises coastguard readiness and invests in key national security priorities, including cyber security, countering transnational criminal organisations, Pacific expansion, and Polar operations,” the USCG said in its budget documents.

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