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Titanis C-UAS capability to employ hard-kill, soft-kill, and directed-energy solutions

Australian company Electro Optic Systems (EOS) has unveiled a scaleable, fully integrated counter-unmanned aerial system (C-UAS) capability that employs soft-kill, hard-kill, and directed-energy effectors.

Launched at the Land Forces 21 exposition in Brisbane and based on the EOS R-series remote weapon station (RWS), Titanis combines detection, command-and-control (C2), and layered capabilities to acquire, track, and defeat all types of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), including fixed-wing platforms and ‘Class 3' quadcopters weighing up to 600 kg.

Designed to counter both single platforms and UAV swarms, Titanis can defeat a single UAV within eight seconds of detection even if the platform is not radio frequency-dependent, according to EOS.

UAVs are located using a software-defined, 4D, active electronically scanned-array (AESA) pulse Doppler radar with an extremely high elevation coverage and a range of about 10,000 m, as well as passive radio frequency (RF) detection. Although the current developmental configuration uses a compact radar from Israeli company Rada, the system is radar agnostic, leaving the way open for clients to customise their own solutions.

Day-time and thermal-imaging cameras, a laser rangefinder, and advanced video software track UAV targets from about 4,700 m before a non-kinetic radio-frequency inhibitor is used to defeat the UAV.

If unsuccessful, Titanis will switch to hard kill mode and an EOS-manufactured 35 kw laser will engage targets out to 4,000 m, with high rates of target engagement capable of defeating a swarm attack. The laser will eventually be upgraded to 55 kw.

Closer-range ballistic effectors comprise the Mk44S 30 mm cannon mounted on an EOS R800 RWS firing programmable air burst munitions out to 3 km, the shorter-range M230LF 30 mm cannon mounted on an EOS R400 RWS, and a concentrated point defence R400 RWS mounting a 7.62 mm Dillon Aero mini-gun.

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