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TEI-TJ300 engine claims ‘world record in its class' for thrust

Turkey’s TUSAŞ Engine Industries (TEI) announced on 16 April that its 240 mm diameter TJ300 turbofan engine (designated TEI-TJ300), which is under development for the new Roketsan-developed medium-range anti-ship missile (MRASM), has broken a world record in its class by generating 1,342 (136.8 kg) N (newton) of thrust.

The company claims that this is the highest level of thrust achieved with this class of engine, where competitor engines in the 230–250 mm class can produce a maximum thrust of 1,250 N (127.4 kg). A newton is equal to the amount of force needed to accelerate a 1 kg mass at a rate of 1 m/s2.

In development since the beginning of 2018, the 30 kg TEI-TJ300 engine is being industrialised by TEI in association with Roketsan, and the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBITAK). TEI is a joint venture between GE Aviation and Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI), the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation, and the Turkish Aeronautical Association.

The 400 hp TEI-TJ300 already has a stated ability to develop 1,300 N (132.5 kg) of thrust. The turbofan engine is capable of operating at speeds of up to 90% of the speed of sound at an altitude of up to 5,000 ft, and can be released in underwing airflow without the need for a booster engine.

While the TEI-TJ300 was originally designed to be used with the Roketsan medium-range anti-ship missile, it will also have application with air, maritime, and land defence systems. A TEI source said the TEI-TJ300 could also power a 1,300 kg-class unmanned air system.

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