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South Korea suspends project to replace the K1A submachine gun

The project to replace the K1A submachine gun, the main weapon of the Republic of Korea Army's (RoKA's) Special Warfare Command, has been temporarily suspended following allegations that classified information on firearm development plans was leaked to Dasan Machineries, which in mid-2020 was selected as the preferred bidder.

Speaking to Janes on 20 July, a spokesperson for South Korea's Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) said that the development and acquisition project was officially put on hold on 18 June, pointing out that a former company executive who used to serve in the RoKA stands accused of receiving money to hand over classified information to Dasan Machineries on RoKA machine gun and sniper rifle requirements.

According to media reports, the leaked information is related to the 5.56 mm special operations submachine gun, the 5.56 mm light machine gun (K-15), the 7.62 mm machine gun (K-12), and 12.7 mm sniper rifle programmes.

The machine gun programme for the Special Warfare Command is divided into a ‘Type 1' development and a ‘Type 2' procurement project, with Dasan Machineries currently under contract for the ‘Type 1' development project after being selected as the preferred bidder.

DAPA said Dasan Machineries would face punitive action should a committee deliberating on the issue determine that the company acted unfairly. It has been reported that this could potentially lead to the ‘Type 1' contract being cancelled.

Dasan Machineries did not comment on the matter when contacted by Janes.

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