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Update: India selects Saab's AT4 as its new single-shot weapon

The AT4 platform (mock-ups in picture) will enhance the Indian Armed Forces' urban warfare capabilities. (Janes/Amael Kotlarski)

The Indian Armed Forces have selected Saab's AT4 as their new single-shot weapon.

Saab has been awarded a contract for providing AT4 single-shot support weapons to the Indian Army and Indian Air Force, the company announced on 20 January. The AT4 was selected by the Indian Armed Forces following a competitive programme, the company said.

Janes understands that Saab was awarded the contract during the fourth quarter of 2021. The contract was signed by FFV Ordnance AB, which is the organisation responsible for Saab's offer in India.

The AT4 is an 84 mm unguided anti-armour weapon manufactured by Saab Bofors Dynamics. It is designed to be effective against tanks and combat vehicles, landing craft, helicopters, aircraft, and armoured vehicles.

Janes understands that Saab will supply the Indian Armed Forces with the AT4CS AST variant. However, Saab did not share what fire-control system (FCS) or sight system will be supplied along with the AT4CS AST.

According to Janes Weapons: Infantry, the CS stands for confined space, which means that the weapon can be fired from confined spaces as small as 22.5 mᶟ. This is possible because the AT4CS uses the counter-mass principle involving liquid that cools the gases ejected from the rear. The weapon can be carried and operated by a single user, fighting on foot.

The AT4 can fire different projectiles, including: HEAT (high-explosive anti-tank); AST (anti-structure and breaching tandem-warheads); ER (anti-armour extended range); HE (high explosive); HP (high performance, higher penetration of more than 500 mm of rolled homogenous armour [RHA]); and RS (reduced sensitivity, anti-tank warhead for urban or jungle combat).

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