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Russia's Southern Military District to receive new equipment, further troop deployments

Russia's Southern Military District is to receive a range of new armaments and systems during 2022, as well as reinforcements, district commander General Alexander Dvornikov announced in Voenny Vestnik Yuga Rossii (Military Herald of the South of Russia) on 14 January.

According to Gen Dvornikov the new equipment will include, β€œ27 airplanes, 37 helicopters, five warships and boats, anti-aircraft missile complexes, ground radars, armour, missile [systems] and artillery guns, and specialised hardware.”

The 22nd Army Corps deployed in Crimea will be reinforced with a missile battalion, and the creation of the 19th and 20th Motorized Rifle Divisions in the 58th and 8th Armies would be completed in 2022, Gen Dvornikov said.

β€œThe 19th Motorized Infantry Division has been restored in the 58th Combined Arms Army, the 8th Division [has been] reinforced by missile and artillery brigades,” Gen Dvornikov noted, adding that the newly formed 20th Motorized Infantry Division has commenced combat training. The 49th Combined Arms Army received electronic warfare and nuclear, biological, and chemical protection units, he added.

β€œThe air force and air defence of the Southern District received Ka-52 helicopters and Su-25SM3 aircraft with the latest sights in the framework of the 2021 arms procurement order. Anti-aircraft missile forces were armed with the latest S-350 Vityaz system. The rearmament with upgraded S-300PM2 air defense system is ongoing,” Gen Dvornikov said.

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