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Turkish Mir USV launches torpedo for first time

A screen capture of the Mir USV torpedo firing demonstration taken from video footage shared by the SSB on its official Twitter page on 18 April. (SSB)

The Turkish Mir armed unmanned surface vessel (USV) developed by Sefine Shipyard in partnership with Aselsan has successfully test-fired a lightweight torpedo for the first time.

During the demonstration, shown in video footage posted by Turkey's Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB) on its official Twitter page on 18 April, the Mir USV fired a lightweight torpedo from a double torpedo tube launcher in the Gulf of İzmit.

The test firing is the first torpedo launch from a Turkish USV. According to the SSB the double torpedo tube launcher was developed by Aselsan and can launch all 324 mm lightweight torpedoes in the NATO inventory, including Mk 44, Mk 46, and Mk 52 torpedoes using high-pressure air. The Orka lightweight torpedo being developed by Roketsan is also expected to be launched by Mir. The same torpedo launcher is also fitted on the Turkish Navy's Ada-class corvettes.

The version of Mir seen in the latest video was first observed during the commissioning ceremony of the landing helicopter dock TCG Anadolu on 10 April 2023.

The Mir USV was unveiled by Sefine Shipyard in June 2022. The vessel is 15 m long, with a 3.85 m beam, and has a displacement of 21 tonnes. According to Aselsan the USV has a top speed of 35 kt and a 400 n mile range. It can carry a four tonne payload and has an endurance of 72 hours.

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