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Tandanor completes overhaul work on Argentine naval ships

ARA Rosales (P-42) recently received an overhaul of ship systems. (Argentina Ministry of Defense)

The Argentine Espora-class corvette ARA Rosales (P-42) and the multi-purpose patrol ship ARA Ciudad de Rosario (Q-62) returned to operations this month following the completion of upgrades and overhauls at the Argentine shipyard, Tandanor, the company confirmed.

Rosales is 91 m long, 11 m wide, displacing 1,623.9 tonnes, and was commissioned in 1987. It is the second of six Espora-class corvettes built in Argentina by Río Santiago Shipyard with the MEKO 140A16 design from German shipbuilder Blohm+Voss.

The full hull revitalisation of the Rosales hull included water blasting and a triple-painting process that combines epoxy, sealant, and anti-fouling paints, the shipyard told Janes .

The yard overhauled 180 valves and replaced another 20. The ship received additional sheet metal work on port and starboard decks and cabins. The yard also installed new railings and 100 m of new piping.

Tandanor repaired the ship's propellers, diesel generators, and engines as well as the water tanks and fuel tanks. The yard overhauled the diesel purifier and fitted a newly assembled oil purifier. It also repaired the electric extraction motors and cleaned the bilges.

According to Argentine Minister of Defence Jorge Taiana, the Rosales overhaul work cost about ARS200 million (USD1.4 million).

Rosales participated in the ‘Miaplacidus 2' series of training exercise with other ships, aircraft, and 615 troops in mid-September in Mar del Plata.

Ciudad de Rosario is a 49.05 m long and 10 m wide multi-purpose ship displacing 476.3 tonnes. Originally operated as the US Coast Guard vessel USCGC Redwood

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