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Surface Navy 2024: Navy secretary calls for comprehensive navy shipbuilding review

US Navy Secretary Carlos Del Toro wants a review of shipbuilding issues with programmes like the Constellation-class frigate. (US Navy)

US Navy (USN) Secretary Carlos Del Toro has told Nickolas Guertin, assistant secretary of the Navy for Research, Development, & Acquisition (ASN RD&A) and Vice Admiral James Downey, commander Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the navy shipbuilding portfolio, the USN confirmed on 11 January.

Guertin and Vice Adm Downey are to provide an interim progress review to Del Toro within 45 days, the USN confirmed.

“I remain concerned with the lingering effects of post-pandemic conditions on our shipbuilders and their suppliers that continue to affect our shipbuilding programmes, particularly our Columbia-class ballistic missile submarines and Constellation-class frigate,” Del Toro said in a statement.

The USN confirmed the review on the same day Andy Bosak, Constellation-class deputy programme manager, acknowledged during a briefing at the Surface Navy Association (SNA) National Symposium 2024, that there were concerns about meeting the proposed shipbuilding schedule.

The USN was analysing the situation to assess what steps might need to be taken to address the potential schedule slippage, Bosak said.

The purpose of the Del Toro-directed review is to provide an assessment of national and local causes of shipbuilding challenges, as well as provide recommended actions for achieving “a healthier US shipbuilding industrial base that provides combat capabilities that our warfighters need, on a schedule that is relevant”, the USN said in a statement.

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