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Singapore discloses procurements, reorganisation plans in pursuit of ‘SAF 2040' vision

A Republic of Singapore Navy Formidable-class frigate seen here in the Singapore Strait. The ships are set to undergo a mid-life upgrade programme to enhance their combat capabilities. (Janes/Ridzwan Rahmat)

Singapore has disclosed several procurement and upgrade programmes that the republic has undertaken or will be undertaking in the next few years in pursuit of its ‘SAF 2040' target. The country will also be establishing a fourth service branch for the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) to better defend the country against threats in the digital domain.

Information on these were provided by Singapore‘s Minister of Defence, Ng Eng Hen, during his parliamentary speech on 2 March. The speech is part of the Singapore parliament's Committee of Supply debates, which is part of a process to approve the budget that has been proposed for the next financial year. As reported by Janes in February 2022, Singapore has proposed a defence budget of SGD16.36 billion (USD12 billion) for 2022, an increase of 6.5% over the allocation in 2021.

Commenting on the increase at his 2 March speech, Ng said that it is due to the resumption of projects, training, and exercises, which were disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic during the past two years. “COVID-19 resulted in sharp dips and spikes but over the next five years, the Ministry of Defence‘s (MINDEF‘s) budget is expected to keep pace with inflation, or 3% to 4% nominal growth each year,” said Ng.

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