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Safran unveils NGDS contender for UK EWCM competition

Computer render of NGDS Configuration D. (Safran)

Safran Electronics & Defense has revealed details of a new variant of its New Generation Dagaie System (NGDS) trainable decoy launcher engineered for compatibility with NATO standard 130 mm countermeasures rounds.

The system, known internally as NGDS Configuration D, is being bid for the UK Royal Navy's (RN's) Electronic Warfare Counter Measures (EWCM) Increment 1a requirement. EWCM forms part of the RN's overarching Maritime Electronic Warfare Programme (MEWP), which is intended to recapitalise surface ship electronic surveillance, electronic warfare command-and-control, and soft-kill anti-ship missile defence.

NGDS uses a two-axis launcher capable of training in both azimuth and elevation to achieve optimum placement of the soft-kill decoy payload effect. The original 12-round launcher developed by Safran for the French Navy is compatible with Lacroix Defense 150 mm calibre SEALEM and SEALIR decoy rockets, respectively, deploying advanced radio frequency (RF) and infrared (IR) payloads.

Safran has subsequently introduced alternative NGDS configurations to meet specific customer needs. The NGDS/MSDS variant is in service with the Republic of Singapore Navy (also using Lacroix payloads), while Canada recently selected an NGDS variant for its 15-ship Canadian Surface Combatant project (a separate request for information has been issued for decoy munitions).

Safran is now offering the configuration D variant of NGDS to address a market for navies wishing to use standard 130 mm RF and IR countermeasures cartridges, said Franck Bonny, Safran's naval key accounts sales manager. “This is a concept we are working on for those customers who have an interest in using NATO ammunition,” he told Janes

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