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Saab to unveil new Future Operator Workspace concept at DSEI 2023

With three large, vertically placed displays, the Future Operator Workspace provides a clear and distinct presentation of the tactical and operational environment. The 27.6 inch central display shows the tactical situation, while the side 21.9 inch side displays are used for presenting information and data. (Saab)

Saab will display for the first time a prototype of its new ‘Future Operator Workspace' concept at the DSEI 2023 exhibition, to be held in London from 12 to 15 September.

The company describes the new operator combat console as a “complete evolution” of the naval operator console, integrating human-centred design and ergonomics with an advanced intuitive and immersive human-machine interface (HMI). Combined with Saab's 9LV combat management system (CMS) software, the Future Operator Workspace aims to enhance operator effectiveness by optimising the ability to process complex cognitive decisions quickly, thereby increasing the tactical advantage in critical situations.

Speaking to media on 5 September Johan Hägg, product manager 9LV, Combat System Solutions, Saab, said the concept was developed to support global navies as they navigate a new age of complexity.

“When we speak to our current customers, we see that there is an increasingly demanding environment in the naval space and in the tactical space,” he said. “Navies are facing a larger amount of tasks, a larger amount of threats, and a larger amount of data that they have to take care of, and Saab wanted to use our innovative force to give them new tools to solve those problems and accelerate the decision loop.”

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