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Saab eyes potential procurement programmes in Canada

A model of the Saab GlobalEye AEW&C aircraft at Saab headquarters in Stockholm. (Janes/Jeremiah Cushman)

Saab has an extensive history in Canada, supplying the surveillance radar and fire-control system for Halifax-class frigates, Carl Gustaf anti-tank systems, and training and simulation systems to the Canadian Armed Forces. In February Canada chose Saab's RBS 70 NG (Next Generation) for its soldier-portable air-defence system (SPADS) programme, Simon Carroll, president of Saab Canada, told reporters at Saab headquarters in Stockholm on 13 May.

Canada is not as large a market as the neighbouring US but it is still important, Saab CEO Micael Johansson said on 13 May. The company is seeking to expand beyond its current offerings, focusing on land programmes for the short-to-medium term, and air and maritime projects over the medium-to-long term. There will also be investment to support Saab's global supply chain capability, he said.

Saab sees Canada as a good candidate for further growth given its similar strategic viewpoints. There is potential for a more reciprocal relationship that would be different from that with the US, which is much more protective, Johansson said.

Carroll argued that Sweden and Canada are ideal partners because of their similarities, such as Arctic climate, common threats, and need for cost-efficient defence systems.

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