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Peru takes delivery of corvette BAP Guise

Pictured here is Peruvian Navy corvette BAP Guise , which was handed over in South Korea on 26 November 2021. (Peruvian Navy)

The Peruvian Navy took delivery of its new corvette BAP Guise on 26 November.

Guise , the former Republic of Korea Navy's (RoKN's) Po Hang-class corvette ROKS Suncheon , was commissioned in June 1989 and decommissioned on 24 December 2019.

Prior to the handover, the corvette underwent an extensive hull, mechanical, and electric overhaul. The ships' MTU 125V956 TB 82 diesel engines and GE LM 2500 gas turbine were disassembled and reviewed, and new parts were installed where necessary.

The two MM-38 Exocet missile launchers, the Mk 32 triple torpedo tubes and associated computers in the operations room were removed. All other weapon and sensor systems remained onboard.

A bakery and a sickbay have been installed to enable the ship to operate for longer deployments and the crew's accommodations were improved in line with the Peruvian standards.

Between 5 April and 4 July 2021, a Peruvian naval commission inspected the corvette.

After arriving in Peru, Guise is scheduled to receive the Peruvian Navy's indigenously developed Varayoc combat management system and the Mage QHAWAX electronic support-measure system.

After the delivery, Guise departed Jinhae-gu for its homeward-bound transit, with planned stops in Yokosuka, Pearl Harbor, San Diego, and Paita. The ship is scheduled to arrive in the naval base in Callao on 4 January 2022.

During the 40-day transit, the crew is scheduled to conduct live-firings with all weapon systems and test all onboard systems, and it is expected to participate in passing exercises with assets from the Republic of Korean, Japanese, and US navies.

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