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Pentagon budget 2025: US Navy spending request includes slight decrease for weapons procurement

The US Navy is seeking more money for Tomahawk missiles and systems. (Raytheon)

The fiscal year (FY) 2025 US Navy (USN) budget request includes USD6.6 billion for weapons procurement, according to budget documents released on 11 March.

This request is a slight decrease from the USD6.9 billion requested in FY 2024, budget documents show.

The USN is seeking to buy 2,656 weapons in FY 2025, compared with the 2,773 weapons the service sought to buy in FY 2024.

“The [FY 2025] focus is to continue to build up critical munitions inventories while increasing line capacity through facilitisation,” the USN said in budget proposal documentation.

“By partnering with industry in weapons procurement, we are able to increase capacity of critical munitions, allowing the DoN [Department of the Navy] to meet inventory requirements on a more efficient timeline,” the USN said. “This delivers critical capabilities to maintain our warfighting advantage.”

The FY 2025 request includes ship weapons procurement of the following: 252 Tomahawk recertification kits; 111 Tomahawk navigation and communications kits; 32 Maritime Strike Tomahawk kits; 221 Tactical Tomahawk Military Code; five Tactical Tomahawk Joint Multiple Effects Warhead Systems; 125 Standard Missile-6s; 148 Rolling Airframe Missiles; 369 Evolved Sea Sparrow Missiles; 79 MK 48 Advanced Capability heavyweight torpedoes; 51 MK 54 Mod 1 anti-submarine torpedo kits; 12 Naval Strike Missiles; and 12 Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) Surface-to-Surface Missile Modules.

The USN is using LCSs for novel missile deployments.

For more information about these operations, please seeLCS Savannah fires SM-6 missile using containerised launching system .

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