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Pentagon budget 2025: US Coast Guard funding request reflects slight decrease

The US Coast Guard's FY 2025 budget request includes funding for the HC-130J programme management. (Janes/Michael Fabey)

The US Coast Guard (USCG) fiscal year (FY) 2025 budget request of about USD13.8 billion represents a slight decrease from the USD13.9 billion FY 2024 amount, annualised to reflect the continuing resolution spending restrictions and the USD13.9 billion enacted for FY 2023, according to budget documents released on 11 March.

The FY 2025 request includes USD1.1 billion to recapitalise legacy surface assets and make capital improvements to extend the service life of cutters and boats.

This funding includes the following: USD216 million for the production of two Fast Response Cutters (FRCs) for the Indo-Pacific; USD530 million for the construction of the seventh Offshore Patrol Cutter (OPC) and long-lead time materials for the eighth OPC; USD135 million for the Waterways Commerce Cutter (WCC) including programme management and production activities; USD148 million for In-Service Vessel Sustainment activities on the 47 ft (14.3 m) motor lifeboat, 270 ft (82.3 m) Medium Endurance Cutter, cutter Healy (WAGB 20), 175 ft (53.3 m) buoy tender, and 418 ft (127.4 m) National Security Cutter (NSC); and USD7 million to support post-delivery activities and programme management for the 11th NSC.

The budget request also includes USD206 million to recapitalise and sustain fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft, including: USD168 million for sustainment and growth of the MH-60T helicopter fleet; USD15 million for programme management of the HC-130J acquisition; and USD1 million for the installation of small unmanned aircraft systems for the NSC fleet.

The upgrades in cutter operations and aircraft are especially needed to support difficult operations in the Arctic and High North.

For more information about USCG equipment requirementin these regions, please see

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