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Pentagon budget 2023: USCG focuses on Offshore Patrol Cutter and Polar Security Cutter procurement

The US Coast Guard seeks to fund a service-life extension for Polar Star , the only US heavy icebreaker. (Chris Sattler)

The acquisition priorities for the US Coast Guard (USCG) in the coming fiscal year (FY) continue to be the Offshore Patrol Cutter (OPC) and the Polar Security Cutter (PSC), according to documents released on 28 March with the Department of Homeland SecurityFY 2023 budget request.

Overall, the request includes about USD13.8 billion for the total USCG funding needs for FY 2023, compared with the USD13.1 billion requested for FY 2022.

The FY 2023 request includes USD650 million for the construction of the fifth OPC and long-lead time materials for the sixth.

The OPC will replace the Coast Guard's fleet of Medium Endurance Cutters (WMECs) that conduct missions on the high seas and coastal approaches.

The FY 2023 request includes USD167.2 million for the PSC to continue “programme management” for the construction of the first two ships, and continue the procurement of long-lead time materials for the third.

This acquisition recapitalises the USCG's heavy polar icebreaker fleet and provides assured surface presence in the Polar regions.

To help provide and augment that assured polar presence as the PSCs are being built, the USCG's FY 2023 budget request includes approximately USD125 million to support the purchase of a commercially available polar icebreaker.

The funding would cover modifications and integrated logistics support required to reach initial operating capability (IOC) for USCG operations, according the budget documents.

“This vessel will provide a platform capable of projecting US sovereignty and influence while conducting coast guard statutory missions in the high latitudes,” the USCG noted in its budget materials.

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