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Malaysia receives first batch of G2000 Mk II attack craft

The first four G2000 Mk II fast interceptor crafts that were received by the Royal Malaysian Navy on 12 January 2024. (Royal Malaysian Navy)

The Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) has taken delivery of its first locally built G2000 Mk II fast interceptor craft (FIC).

The vessels were handed over by local shipbuilder Gading Marine on 12 January, the service disclosed on the same day.

Gading Marine received a contract for 13 G2000 Mk II FICs from the Malaysian government in 2022. The contract is a repeat order following the delivery of six older G2000 Mk I vessels in April 2021.

The G2000 Mk II features an aluminium hull and displaces about 26 tonnes at its standard load. It has an overall length of 18 m and an overall beam of 4.6 m.

Powered by two MAN V12 diesel engines driving two Hamilton water-jets, the Mk II FIC can attain a top speed of 50 kt and a maximum range of more than 350 n miles when operating at 35 kt.

A major difference between the Mk I and Mk II variants is that the latter is able to accommodate a crew member and a machine gun mount in the forward position if required, for better situational awareness.

In addition, the Mk II vessels are built with a larger deck space in the aft section to accommodate special forces troops and a long-range acoustic hailing device in addition to a rear gunner manning a mounting for 7.62 mm guns, according to information provided to Janes.

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