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MADEX 2023: Hanwha Ocean unveils new warship concept for massive retaliation operations

A model of the Joint Strike Ship, which has been developed by Hanwha Ocean in anticipation of a Republic of Korea Navy requirement for such a vessel. (Janes/Ridzwan Rahmat)

Hanwha Ocean has unveiled a Joint Strike Ship concept that was conceived for Korea Massive Punishment and Retaliation (KMPR) requirements.

The concept was unveiled at the International Maritime Defense Industry Exhibition (MADEX) 2023 in Busan. It was conceived against the backdrop of a growing nuclear threat from North Korea, said a Hanwha Ocean representative who spoke to Janes .

KMPR is one of the three components under South Korea's ‘three-axis' strategy that seeks to dissuade Pyongyang from deploying nuclear weapons against Seoul and deliver a swift response should deterrence efforts fail.

Under KPMR, South Korea will employ a wide variety of precision-guided munitions such as tactical ballistic missiles and bunker buster bombs against North Korean leadership targets including Kim Jong-un.

The Joint Strike Ship concept will deliver sea-delivered weapons of the KPMR strategy said the Hanwha Ocean representative. The exact weapons that will be delivered are still being worked out but the South Korean government is expected to call for a tender for this type of ship in the near future, the representative added.

Hanwha Ocean's concept has an overall length of about 150 m, a beam of 9.5 m, and displaces about 8,000 tonnes. It has been designed with reduced radar cross-section features and is equipped with vertical launching system (VLS) cells amidships and in the forward section.

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