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Kongsberg showcases high-speed craft simulator

The Kongsberg K-Sim Fast Craft simulator on display at Euronaval 22. (Giles Ebbutt  )

Kongsberg has expanded the utility of its K-Sim Navigation bridge simulator, with the development of a high-speed craft variant.

The new K-Sim Fast Craft simulator, which was showcased at the Euronaval 2022 maritime exhibition in Paris, is designed for realistic and immersive training in high-speed navigation, boat handling, and tactical operations.

Speaking to Janes at Euronaval, Owen Brine, Kongsberg's director of defence sales Canada, said the fast craft simulator uses the same underlying simulation software as the bridge simulator, but incorporates an advanced physics engine and hydrodynamic vessel modelling capabilities to simulate high-speed vessels. The hydrodynamics are particularly focused on vessel behaviour in waves and the “slamming” effect, he said.

A variety of propulsion systems can be simulated, including waterjet, surface drive, stern drive, and outboard. The simulator includes a six-degree-of-freedom (6-DOF) motion platform base, which can be scaled to simulate the operating environment and vessel behaviour at various speeds and in differing sea states.

The simulator has a low-radius, cylindrical visual projection system, with a 270° horizontal field-of-view (FOV), and a large vertical FOV to improve the visual experience through the motion envelope. The bridge layout is an exact replica of the boat type, and Brine said that wherever possible, real controls and displays are utilised.

He added that Kongsberg is also working on a mixed-reality version of the simulator using a head-mounted display, but declined to elaborate further.

Eye tracking technology can be incorporated, with the results recorded for after-action review. This enables an instructor to analyse what the trainee was actually looking at during a manoeuvre, as opposed to what they thought or said they were doing, and indicate faults or areas for improvement.

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