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Indo Defence 2022: Indonesian Army orders new class of fast interdiction craft

A model of the new fast interceptor craft that has been ordered for the Indonesian Army on display at Indo Defence 2022. (Janes/Ridzwan Rahmat)

The Indonesian Army has placed an order for a new type of water-jet-propelled fast interdiction craft (FIC) with private shipbuilder PT Tesco Indomaritim (Tesco).

Speaking to Janes at the Indo Defence 2022 exhibition in Jakarta, Tesco's director for defence and government sales Jasni Basuki confirmed that a contract for the vessel was signed with the Indonesian government in 2021.

The FIC has been designed for rapid infiltration missions and will complement the Indonesian Army's existing fleet of KMC Komando fast assault craft, which were also built by Tesco and delivered to the service from 2014 onwards.

The new vessel has an overall length of 24 m and displaces about 55 tonne. It is powered by two MTU M86 engines driving two Hamilton HTX52 water-jets and can attain top speeds in excess of 50 kt and an economic cruising speed of 27 kt.

The vessel can accommodate five crew members and 31 fully armed personnel. The vessel has been designed with a slipway at its stern, which can be utilised to launch rigid hull inflatable boats (RHIBS) or jet skis.

In terms of weapons, the FIC can be equipped with a remote controlled weapon station (RCWS) that incorporates either a 12.7 or a 7.62 mm machine gun. Considerations have been made within the vessel for a weapon operator station.

The FIC was launched on 1 November 2022, and Tesco expects to deliver the vessel to the Indonesian Army before the end of 2022.

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