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Hanwha Ocean offers variant of KSS-III submarine for Philippine Navy's requirements

A computer-generated image of Hanwha Ocean's KSS-III-derived proposal for the Philippine Navy's submarine programme. (Hanwha Ocean)

Hanwha Ocean has unveiled its latest, stepped-up proposal submitted for the Philippine Navy's (PN's) two-boat submarine requirement.

A computer-generated image (CGI) of the proposal, which has been dubbed as the Jangbogo-III PN submarine, was provided to Janes on 19 September ahead of a media release on the same day.

The vessel is derived from the Republic of Korea Navy's (RoKN's) KSS-III submarine, which has been designed and constructed by Hanwha Ocean. The proposed vessel has a surface displacement of about 2,800 tonnes, with an overall length of 77 m, and an overall beam of 9.7 m.

“Building upon the success of the Korean navy's (RoKN's) Jangbogo-III submarines, Hanwha Ocean's proposal, the Jangbogo-III PN (Philippine Navy), offers a proven platform that delivers unparalleled operational capability,” according to a company statement.

“This advanced submarine is equipped with the latest propulsion system and lithium-ion battery technology ensuring the Philippines' enhanced defence capability to safeguard its sovereign and strategic maritime interests,” the statement added.

Hanwha Ocean indicated that it has also proposed an integrated logistics support element into the package, which would allow the Philippine Navy to tap into resources that will be provided to what it calls the future ‘Global Jangbogo Club'.

This is in reference to future potential operators other than the RoKN, including several western countries, that have expressed interest in operating the KSS-III, a company spokesperson told Janes in an email correspondence.

At the moment, Hanwha Ocean indicated that it is still engaging the Philippine Navy's leadership on its proposal and will provide updates once it is available.

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