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Fourth Finnish Hamina-class FAC completes MLU

The Finnish Navy's fourth Hamina-class FAC, Pori, returns to sea to start acceptance trials after completing its MLU. (Finnish Defence Forces)

The fourth and final Finnish Navy Hamina-class fast attack craft (FAC), FRNS Pori (83), has commenced sea acceptance trials following the completion of its Squadron 2000 mid-life upgrade (SQ2000 MLU) programme, the Finnish Navy has announced.

Post refit trials will continue into the third quarter, after which, Pori will be handed back to the Finnish Navy.

The SQ2000 MLU programme is being carried out under a contract awarded to prime contractor Patria in January 2018.

The scope of work, completed at Oy Western Shipyard Ltd, has included the replacement of the Atlas Elektronik ANCS combat management system (CMS) with a new Saab 9LV CMS and fire-control systems suite, and the installation of a new Saab TactiCall communication system. The existing Bofors 57 mm Mk 3 naval guns have been replaced with the lighter Bofors 40 mm Mk 4, and the RBS15 anti-ship missiles have been replaced by Israel Aerospace Industries' Gabriel V anti-ship missile system.

In addition, the FACs are being equipped with an enhanced anti-submarine warfare (ASW) capability that will eventually include the integration of Saab's new Torpedsystem 47 (TS47) lightweight torpedo under development. Ahead of delivery of the new TS47 torpedoes, the FACs are being equipped with Torpedo 45 assets that Finland is leasing from Sweden to provide an interim capability cover. As part of the ASW package, the vessels have also been equipped with Kongsberg's ST2400 variable depth sonar.

The first ship to complete the MLU, second-in-class Tornio (81) , commenced post-refit trials in October 2019 and was delivered back to the Finnish Navy in January 2020. The

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