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Finnish Navy Hamina-class FACs conduct first firings of Tp 47 torpedo

The Tp 47 lightweight torpedo was fired from Finnish Navy Hamina-class FACs for the first time on 31 October. (Finnish Navy)

The Finnish Navy has conducted acceptance firings of the Torpedo 47 (Tp 47) lightweight torpedo from its Hamina-class fast attack craft (FAC).

The test firings were performed by first-of-class FRNS Hamina (80) and fourth boat FRNS Pori (83) in the Archipelago Sea on 31 October, the Finnish Navy confirmed on 1 November.

Developed by Swedish defence and security group Saab for the Royal Swedish Navy and for export as a replacement for the Torpedo 45 (Tp 45) anti-submarine warfare (ASW) torpedo, the Tp 47 is a near-neutrally buoyant 400 mm wire-guided torpedo specifically designed for shallow-water operation in the Swedish archipelago and the Baltic Sea. Features include a fully digital acoustic homing head, two-way data communications with the launch platform via a wire-guidance link, a highly accurate navigation system, a wide stepless speed range, and significantly improved manoeuvrability.

The Tp 47 torpedo has been refitted to the Finnish Navy's four Hamina-class FACs as part of their Squadron 2000 mid-life upgrade (SQ2000 MLU) programme. System integration was carried out by Saab in conjunction with Patria as prime contractor and lead system integrator for the SQ2000 MLU.

Ahead of delivery of the new Tp 47 torpedoes, the FACs were equipped with Tp 45 assets that Finland leased from Sweden to provide an interim capability cover. As the Tp 47 has the same 400 mm diameter as the Tp 45, both can be fired from the M/20 torpedo tubes that were installed on the Hamina-class FACs in conjunction with their overhaul. The first firing of a Tp 45 torpedo was carried out from second-in-class Tornio (81) –

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