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Euronaval 2022: Sylena SEAMOSC launched to provide optronic screening

SEAMOSC launcher sets configured for either six (pictured) or nine munitions are being proposed by Lacroix Defense. (Richard Scott/NAVYPIX)

French countermeasures and pyrotechnic specialist Lacroix Defense has debuted a new shipborne masking/obscurant dispenser to serve as a complement to its existing Sylena soft-kill decoy launcher system (DLS).

The Sylena SEAMOSC masking optronic screening system, unveiled at the Euronaval 2022 maritime exhibition in Paris, has been designed to counter visible range or laser-guided threats by deploying a screen of obscurant smoke formulated specifically for the maritime environment. The system can integrate into the Sylena DLS central processing unit where Sylena is already fitted, or can be configured for standalone use on smaller vessels such as patrol boats or special forces craft.

Adopting a similar modular philosophy to Sylena, SEAMOSC is based on a series of fixed multi-ammunition launchers distributed around the host vessel according to ship size, geometry, and threat type or threat scenario. According to Lacroix Defense, the design of the launcher provides for quick, easy, and safe reloading while at the same time reducing maintenance requirements and maximising availability.

Launcher sets configured for either six or nine mortar munitions are being offered. The obscurant or screening payload produces attenuation in the visible band (>45 dB), beam backscatter in all typical laser frequencies, and a screen of grey smoke.

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