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Euronaval 2022: Naval Group's Blue Shark concept ship combines combat power and reduced environmental impact

Naval Group's Blue Shark environmentally responsible surface combatant design was presented at Euronaval 2022. (Naval Group)

Environmental concerns feature heavily in Naval Group's latest concept ship, dubbed ‘Blue Shark', which was unveiled at the Euronaval 2022 maritime exhibition in Paris.

The concept considers both environmental impact through life and delivery of a highly capable surface combatant through the adaptation of 20 technologies.

This includes designing the 5,500 tonne, 160 m ship as a stabilised steel monohull to reduce hydrodynamic resistance. The combined diesel-electric and diesel (CODLAD) hybrid propulsion system combines diesels, diesel generators, lithium-ion batteries, fuel cells, electric motors, and electrical continuously variable transmission driving pumpjet propulsors. This configuration achieves speeds of up to 30 kt, while also meeting IMO III compliance and delivering silent running in diesel-electric mode, and zero emissions and extremely low acoustic signature in an all-electric mode powered by fuel cell and battery. Smart energy management and heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems intend to reduce energy consumption.

Anti-fouling hull coating and a hull cleaning robot intend to keep the underwater surfaces free of marine growth, which can increase drag and fuel consumption. A Hull Vane is fitted to further reduce drag and improve stability.

Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology is used on the diesel generator exhaust fumes to reduce CO 2 emissions; wet oxidation technology is applied to waste treatment to meet current and emerging international marine regulations; and the R744 new refrigerant gas also reduces CO 2 impact.

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