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Damen launches first OPV 2600-derived vessel for Pakistan Navy

PNS Hunain , one of the two OPV 2600-derived patrol vessels that Damen is constructing for the Pakistan Navy, seen here at its launch ceremony. (Damen Shipyards)

Damen Shipyards has launched the first of two new patrol vessels it is building for the Pakistan Navy.

The vessel, which will be in service as PNS Hunain once it is commissioned, was launched on 12 September at Damen's facilities in Galati, Romania, the company disclosed in a statement released to the media on 14 September.

The vessel is part of a follow-on order to the Pakistan Navy's Yarmook-class patrol vessels and it was laid down in July 2022. The new boat derives its form factor from Damen's offshore patrol vehicle (OPV) 2600 design.

Pakistan operates a fleet of two Yarmook-class vessels, PNS Yarmook and PNS Tabuk , and these were commissioned in February and November 2020 respectively. These vessels were also built by Damen Shipyards at its Galati facility.

These older vessels each displace about 2,300 tonne at full load. The class has an overall length of 91 m, an overall beam of 14 m, and a hull draught of 4 m. The vessel can accommodate a crew complement of 138 and a medium helicopter on its flight deck.

The follow-on vessels to the Yarmook class have larger dimensions given its overall length of 98 m, a beam of 14.4 m, and a design draught of 4 m. The new class will displace approximately 2,600 tonne and it can accommodate a crew complement of 60 with additional spaces for 36 personnel.

The vessels will have a standard range of about 6,000 n mile at a cruising speed of 12 kt.

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