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Aselsan unveils low-frequency towed active sonar system

Aselsan trialled its low-frequency towed active sonar system named Düfas aboard the Powhatan-class fleet ocean tug A-590 TCG Inebolu . (SSB)

Aselsan has revealed its low-frequency towed active sonar, releasing a promotional video showing the system aboard the Powhatan-class fleet ocean tug, A-590 TCG Inebolu, during the trials.

Known as Düfas, the sonar is designed to be used by surface combatants for long-range anti-submarine warfare and surveillance. The system comprises a low-frequency towed active array, a low-frequency towed passive triplet array, separate winches for both active and passive arrays, signal processing and power cabinets, and an operator console.

If the ship is equipped with torpedo countermeasure systems, Düfas can provide a further countermeasure against torpedoes by informing the best tactic for evasion.

Aselsan states that the system has 360º omnidirectional transmission, bistatic/multistatic sonar architecture, and selectable pulse type and pulse length capabilities. In active mode it can automatically detect and localise targets, and in passive mode it can automatically detect, track, and classify torpedoes in long range.

According to Aselsan, the system can operate between 5 kt and 15 kt, and can survive speeds up to 30 kt. Its active sonar has continuous wave (CW), frequency modulation (FM), and FM/CW pulse types. The source level is larger than 200 dB re 1 µPA.

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