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Ares Shipyard unveils new-generation interceptor

ARES 32 Predator will be equipped with Cakir cruise missiles for longer-range targets. (Ares Shipyard)

Turkey's Ares Shipyard has unveiled a new addition to its family of fast interception craft (FIC).

Based around a 32 m advanced composite hull, the new FIC comes in two variants, known as ARES 32 Predator and ARES 32 Dagger .

Both vessels are built to the same specifications, with a maximum speed of more than 45 kt, a range of 2,000 n miles, and the ability to operate in conditions up to Sea State 6.

Armament includes a 25 mm or 30 mm remote-controlled auto-stabilised naval weapon on the foredeck for closer-range sea or land targets, and two 12.7 mm machine guns on the upper deck for asymmetric threats, including pirates, smugglers, or illegal human traffickers.

For longer-range targets, ARES 32 Predator will be equipped to fire Roketsan's new-generation Cakir cruise missile, which has a range of more than 150 km, from two single canisters, in addition to four Roketsan L-UMTAS shorter-range laser-guided missiles.

Configured for shorter-range threats, ARES 32 Dagger will be equipped with a quad launcher for shorter-range infrared/laser-guided missiles.

Both variants are equipped with X- and S-band radars, electro-optic surveillance, and designation systems and feature a rigid-hulled inflatable boat that can be launched from a ramp on the aft deck. The vessels are characterised by a very low radar cross-section and infrared signature.

According the Ares Shipyard, the two variants have been developed in response to two requests from potential customers in the Middle East and Africa.

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