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Russian Navy to restructure Project 955/955A Borey SSBN deployment

Borey (Project 955A)-class nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine (SSBN) fleet, according to local media reports.

         is pictured visiting Royal Navy base Clyde (Faslane) in Scotland in September 2020.
       (Tony Roper)

USS Seawolf is pictured visiting Royal Navy base Clyde (Faslane) in Scotland in September 2020. (Tony Roper)

Following Russia's recent ‘Umka 2021' military drills, which took place in March within the Arctic circle, a review is now under way to better place the SSBNs to counteract threats and deployments of NATO forces that operate in the North, Russian newspaper Ivestia reported on 11 May.

Previous information released by the Russian MoD has alluded to the SSBNs primarily being deployed to the 25 th Submarine Division/16 th Submarine Squadron of the Pacific Fleet, based in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy. However, it now appears that at least one Project 955A not yet commissioned will instead be allocated to the Northern Fleet.

In addition, one of the Project 955As already in service with the 25 th Submarine Division may also transfer to the Northern Fleet. This would bring the tally of 955s to four for the 31 st Submarine Division/12 th Submarine Squadron, which is based in Gadzhiyevo, in the Murmansk Oblast. The 12th Submarine Squadron currently operates Yuriy Dolgorukiy (Project 955) and Knyaz Vladimir (Project 955A).

Knyaz Vladimir was one of three submarines that broke through the ice as part of the ‘Umka' exercise. According to the Russian MoD the SSBN operated efficiently and as expected during the event.

It is not yet known which of the remaining SSBNs to be commissioned would be allocated to the Northern Fleet if the reshuffle does take place. Of the completed SSBNs, fifth-of-class Knyaz Oleg is currently undergoing sea trials following its launch in July 2020, while the sixth,

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