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Russia to stand up second MiG-31 squadron on Kamchatka

Russia is to deploy an additional MiG-31 squadron on the Kamchatka peninsula, the Izvestia newspaper reported on 3 July. After modernisation, the interceptors will join the Russian Pacific Fleet’s 317th Composite Aviation Regiment at Yelizovo airfield.

Russia is standing up a second MiG-31 squadron on Kamchatka. (Russian Air Force)

Russia is standing up a second MiG-31 squadron on Kamchatka. (Russian Air Force)

The regiment currently operates a squadron of 12 MiG-31B and MiG-31BS variants, two squadrons of Ka-27 anti-submarine warfare (ASW) helicopters, a squadron of Il-38 ASW aircraft, as well as unmanned aerial vehicles, small transport aircraft, and other helicopters.

Formation of the second interceptor squadron probably began in 2019. The commander of Russian forces on the peninsula, Rear Admiral Alexander Yuldashev, indicated two modernised MiG-31BM fighters arrived in February 2019, with two more due for delivery before the end of the year, the Interfax news agency reported in June 2019.

United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) subsidiary RSK MiG has been upgrading 110 MiG-31s to the MiG-31BM standard since 2011 under two Ministry of Defence contracts worth RUB46 billion (USD644 million). The final 50 MiG-31BMs were to be completed by the end of 2018, the official RIA Novosti news agency reported in February 2015.

However, former deputy defence minister and procurement chief Yury Borisov has claimed as many as 130 are being modernised.


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