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RN evaluates AI decision aids as part of ‘ASD/FS-21'

Novel artificial intelligence (AI)-based tactical decision aids developed by Roke and CGI Defence in conjunction with the UK Defence Science and Research Laboratory (Dstl) have been demonstrated on two Royal Navy (RN) warships in an operational experiment within the ‘At Sea Demonstration/Formidable Shield 2021' (‘ASD/FS-21') integrated air and missile defence exercise.

Roke's STARTLE application is designed to help ease the load on operators monitoring the air picture in the operations room by providing real-time recommendations and alerts. CGI's System Coordinating Integrated Effect Assignment (SYCOIEA) AI decision aid provides automated platform and force threat evaluation weapon assignment (TEWA).

‘ASD/FS-21' is a 10-nation exercise designed to improve allied interoperability in a live-fire joint IAMD environment, using NATO command-and-control reporting structures. The event is taking place between 15 May and 3 June at the Ministry of Defence Hebrides Range off northwest Scotland.

The exercise has provided Dstl with an opportunity to evaluate the performance and benefit of AI and machine learning in a representative operational environment, and to gather live data to enable further refinement. Both STARTLE and SYCOIEA have been introduced into the command space on board the Type 23 frigate HMS Lancaster and the Type 45 destroyer HMS Dragon using the shared infrastructure environment and open combat management system implemented by BAE Systems.

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