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Rheinmetall launches Mission Master Rescue model at CANSEC 2019

Rheinmetall has launched the rescue model of its Mission Master unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) at the CANSEC exhibition, held in Ottawa on 29 and 30 May, according to a company press release.

The Mission Master Rescue can be used to conduct an in-field medical intervention and recover battlefield casualties over long distances, either autonomously or by remote control.

The UGV is capable of carrying all equipment necessary to conduct a successful casualty evacuation, including two stretchers, oxygen masks, and a defibrillator. This would be too much equipment for a single medic to carry, so the UGV can reduce the number of personnel required on the front line, according to the press release.

It also noted that the vehicle can be used in the ‘follow me’ mode, whereby it would travel along with other soldiers while they ensure that the surrounding area is safe.

Rheinmetall also displayed the reconnaissance variant of the Mission Master at CANSEC. The Mission Master – Surveillance, as it is known, is equipped with long-range electro-optical and infrared cameras as well as a radar and laser rangefinder, all installed on a telescopic mast.

The vehicle can be used autonomously to conduct surveillance and reconnaissance of remote locations without potentially exposing additional personnel to hostile fire.

All variants of the Mission Master can be integrated into Rheinmetall’s Argus soldier system, which Canada ordered in 2015 for its Integrated Soldier System Project.

Argus is intended to provide the dismounted soldier with the mission systems necessary to communicate effectively with all elements of a battlefield, from reconnaissance forces to artillery and command-and-control systems.

The Mission Master – Rescue could be used to recover casualties in a timely fashion; 90% of fatalities occur between the time of trauma and arrival at a medical facility, according to Rheinmetall. (Rheinmetall )

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