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Norway's ACSV G5 combat support vehicle to be delivered in 2022

The first serial-production Armoured Combat Support Vehicle (ACSV) G5, an evolutionary variant of the Protected Mission Module Carrier (PMMC) G5 from Germany’s FFG, will be delivered to the Norwegian Army in the summer of 2022. News of the delivery came via an interview between Master Sergeant Odd Skøien, the user representative and project co-ordinator of the programme, and Benjamin Lindsay, senior manager for sales and project development at FFG, on 26 January during the 2021 virtual International Armoured Vehicles conference.

The ACSV G5 is a tracked vehicle with a crew compartment at the front and a load area at the rear. It is tailor designed to carry either a 10 ft (3.05 m) container or 6.5 ft (1.83 m) container and has a loading crane that can lift up to 5 tonnes, such as various mission modules. In the cargo role the ACSV G5 is qualified to carry all classes of military goods, whether containerised, palletised, or as a bulk load. The mission modules use a 10 ft frame and so far already comprise a ground-based air defence module, an electronic warfare container, a recovery module with a recovery winch and strong crane, and an artillery-locating radar module.

For fast integration of these modules all vehicles are equipped as standard with a comprehensive interface box, providing high electric power, a wide range of connectors for exchange of data and speech, and hydraulic power. Further mission modules will follow once the ACSV G5 enters service.

Based on the requirements of the Norwegian Armed Forces, FFG has designed the ACSV G5 from scratch as a dedicated support vehicle, obviating any of the compromises that inevitably come with the conversion of legacy platforms into the support role.

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